Make More Money Part 2

In Make More Money Part One I discussed the many beliefs that prevent people from making as much money as they could from their work. Among these were contrasting beliefs such as, “my work has no value” and “my talents are a gift from God, so I should give my work away for free.” In Part 2 we discover that there are two other major categories of problems with making money. These are mainly toxic belief systems i.e. patterns of cultural brainwashing that cause people to:
1.have problems holding on to the money
2.wait for someone else to make money for them.

Two common toxic belief systems that cause “I can’t hold on to money” are:

•The Holiness Program that says that being Holy and doing my soul mission requires sacrifice, suffering, and misery. Popular requirements for being holy also include poverty, failure, celibacy, asceticism, martyrdom, persecution, death, loneliness, isolation, lovelessness, depression, frustration, exhaustion, illness, and pain. Ironically, poverty and failure are more likely to inhibit a person’s ability to work, be productive and make a contribution to the world than vice-versa.

•The Scarcity Program that says there are only a limited amount of resources to go around. If you have money then somebody else does not, and therefore you can’t have something without hurting someone else. The guilt that this produces causes people to give away what they have, or turn down opportunities for success.

Two common toxic belief systems that cause “Someone else will make money for me” are:

•The Dependency program that says you can’t survive on your own, the world is a dangerous and cruel place, and therefore you must be dependent on someone else to take care of you. This pattern causes people, particularly women, to seem financially independent, but in fact they just get by rather than being really successful.

•The Gender program that says women are inferior to men and need to find a man to survive. In order to do so, a woman can’t be too bright, successful, or powerful and still be attractive to men.

Success Stories

Samantha inherited money from her family. Suddenly she felt that she no longer needed to work and resigned from teaching. Her life began to feel meaningless and she felt guilty about having money she didn’t earn and felt she didn’t deserve. She confided that “having money ruined my life.” After clearing her Holiness and Scarcity programs she decided to use the money in the service of her soul. She renovated her home, pursued further spiritual training, and developed a wonderful relationship with a loving man who “would do anything for her.” She also went back to teaching realizing that it was an important way of making her soul contribution… she hadn’t been doing it solely for the money. Her life feels meaningful and rewarding.

Marian had a successful therapy practice until she moved in with James, a nice Jewish doctor. Suddenly her case load diminished dramatically. James told her not to worry; he would support her for a while. Her motivation to market herself disappeared. When her case load didn’t increase after a year, Marian’s self-esteem started to slip while James got angry and resentful. After clearing her dependency and gender programs, Marian filled her practice and finds her work very satisfying. James is happy and feels more secure about the relationship.